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Year of the Tiger


2010 is a Tiger Year according to the Chinese zodiac. In that same tradition, a 60th birthday is a major celebration because the 12 divisions of the zodiac and the 10 Celestial Stems, expressing the active and receptive states of five element theory, come together. In the Mediterranean and European tradition, the same numbers receive emphasis: 12 for divisions of the zodiac, 10 for the centers of cognitive awareness on the cabalistic Tree of Life, and 5 for the four elements of the Greek tradition plus the quintessence, or fifth essence. During this special year, Arisa Victor has completed the second edition of Jason Lotterhand’s The Thursday Night Tarot book. Tapes of Jason’s talks are being prepared for the internet.






New York linguistic innovator and 21st century Nabi, Enrique Enriquez, invited Tanya to be part of his internet Conversations series. The resulting Conversation is now up on Enrique’s website. Other participants in the series include Rachel Pollack, who has visited The Thursday Night Tarot, and Mary Greer, who is credited with special assistance in production of The Thursday Night Tarot book. Conversations with many other fascinating, well known thinkers, such as Robert M. Place, are also part of this series.



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